Suicide Squad – Review

Spoiler alert!!! (No shit.)

Uhm… It’s not as bad as you think.

I’m writing this only hearing that it has received a share number of bad reviews. I have not read any of the reviews, because I fear that they would change my personal opinion.

Anyway, let’s get to it.

So Suicide Squad is the movie about the bad guys from the DC universe teaming up to stop a threat. And in this movie, they do just that.

However… The pacing… Or rather, the way the film is divided so that it can give explanations as well as visuals is kinda off-balance. That’s my first complaint about this. My sub-complaint about this is the fact that the fcking Batman V Superman movie was a shit whopping 2 hr 30 mins long and Suicide Squad only got 2 hrs. I know 30 minutes doesn’t seem like much, but if you have watched the movie, I bet you would agree with me that this movie needed more time, or a better way of laying out their focus. Hell, I think the movie should’ve been 3 hours, even if it will risk dragging the story along.

I mean, it’s good that we get introduced to the characters in the narration-style-flashback-thing, as Amanda Waller explains each character’s little origin story to two generals who I have no idea who they are and we never see again, but from then on, we don’t get much of a chance to understand these characters as much. Don’t get me wrong, they get developed enough so that we know what kind of character they are, and what kind of response we will expect from them. From Harley Quinn, we get all these crazy-funny vibes, from Killer Croc, we get the silent, grunting brute vibe, etc… But there was a clear opportunity there for more character development so that we can get invested in them more.

Speaking of introducing characters…

Mr Leto, I encourage you not to get depressed over the tsunami of hate comments that prefer Heath Ledger over you.

Joker Leto. Well, we finally get to see him for the first time. And… It’s alright…?

I mean, it’s unfair. I really think nobody should compare him to Ledger in terms of character portrayal. Ledger’s Joker was a anarchistic ‘agent of chaos’. This one is different.

And that’s the saddest part. He’s different, but I have no idea what he is.

From the amount of screen time he gets, I couldn’t put a finger on what this Joker stood for. I know I said it’s unfair to compare him to Ledger, but I’m not comparing him in terms of character portrayal, I’m comparing him in terms of character itself, as in each individual actors’ understanding of their character.

Hear me out.

Ledger’s Joker worked flawlessly because he knew what he was doing. He knew that this Joker was an anarchist that wanted to bring the world to chaos, so he knew what kind of response this Joker would have against certain situations. Ledger would laugh when being tortured by Batman, because there was nothing the Dark Knight could do to threaten him. Ledger would laugh because he loved to torture Harvey Dent in the hospital, and make him see the face of Rachel’s killer, and be powerless to do anything.

There’s a moment in this film where Leto laughs… For no reason. In fact, there’s several moments where Leto’s Joker just feels… Uncomfortable in general. Maybe the uncomfortableness has to do with the fact that most of us are still stuck in Ledger’s Joker, but that doesn’t excuse the random laughing moment. I don’t claim to be the creator of the character of Joker, or a professional actor, but as a fan, I know for a fact that every time Joker laughs, there’s a good reason. The animated Joker laughs most of the times when he’s getting away with a great crime, or when he has outsmarted Batman. The comic book Joker does the same, and I already explained Ledger’s Joker above. But Leto’s Joker seemed… Painful to watch at times.

While I’m writing this I had heard that a lot of Joker’s scenes had been deleted, which makes me even sadder. This just means that he actually had an opportunity to be better than this. Maybe I’m wrong, and Leto’s portrayal of the Joker is better than this, and that the scenes that were deleted should’ve given us more insight as to what kind of Joker he is. I’d like to think that were true.

Now that the Joker stuff is off my chest, let’s look at something else, his girlfriend, Harley Quinn.

“You know what they say about the crazy ones…”

This actually is both a blessing and a curse for actress Margot Robbie, as this is the first live-action appearance of the character. So I’m assuming she had a lot of pressure put on her, but she was also eager to try her best to portray the craziness of Harley Quinn. Other blessings include gracing us, the male audience with that amazing body.

And she does a great job! But then again, her transition of Dr Quinzell to Harley Quinn is rather abrupt and not done as well as I’d hoped. From the trailers, I hoped that she would have occasional flashbacks to when she was Quinzell, and show the audience exactly what happened to her that made her love the Joker, and descend into madness. (Or is she just pretending she’s insane?) By doing this, I think that it would’ve been a good method of giving us her story and making good character development. However, it’s later revealed that her true origin is when she jumps into a vat of acid after being encouraged by the Joker.

Now, I hated this. Not because that this was kind of a cop out explanation as to how she went insane, but the fact that it’s implying Joker’s origin story. And that’s one of the biggest things you can get wrong. I know I’m coming back to the Joker again, but hear me out again. The reason why we love the Joker is that he is mysterious, and like an embodiment of evil. By including the Ace Chemicals thing in the film and the Joker encouraging her to jump in, you’re telling us that he knows what the chemicals do to a person, therefore it’s heavily implied he’s been through it. While the chemical story is shown in Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke storyline, it’s not even treated as canon by the offical DC Universe, and even in The Killing Joke, the Joker explicitly states that he “Sometimes remembers it the one way, sometimes another.” Regardless, the closest thing to an origin story we get is that he had “one bad day.” Harley Quinn did not have (to the extent of our knowledge according to the film) one bad day. She just falls for Joker, jumps into acid, and boom, she’s seemingly baptized. This opinion is a bit more personal I guess, but I really think they could’ve done that bit better.

And now let’s get on to the 3rd thing people wanted to see most:

Fresh Prince of Crosshairs

As far as I can tell, nothing is wrong with Will Smith’s portrayal or the direction they decided to take this character. That being said, I still have a few complaints. Because I’m a sad, sad, man that can’t just accept something as good.

While we see what exactly Deadshot is fighting for, we don’t really see why he has become a hit man. I know squeezing in that character origin story would’ve been a little hard considering the time limit they were on, but I just thought it was something real interesting to see, considering they’re doing the whole ‘what’s the true morality when it comes to taking a life’ thing as they switch focus between a soldier like Rick Flag, and a hit man like Floyd Lawton (Deadshot.)

Besides that, DC movie makers really could learn so much if they ever played any of the Arkham series videogames. I mean, we see Deadshot shoot some guys… And shoot some guys… And shoot some guys….

And it’s portrayed so boringly. This is where they should’ve went crazy! This is Deadshot for crying out loud, the man who never misses! He doesn’t miss even if he doesn’t have a straight shot! They should’ve shown that more!

Movie Deadshot uses machine guns and his wrist guns to kill the ‘bad guys,’ but it’s boring because it seems possible to do. (Other than the Robin Hood-esque shooting range scene.) Any man with decent military training could do what he does. But in the Arkham games, there’s several instances where Deadshot kills a man by ricocheting a bullet like three times, from far, far away. And don’t even tell me “That wouldn’t have been realistic.” Because this movie has FCKING MAGIC. They should’ve even made him curve bullets or something. (I know this is basically copying WANTED a bit, but there was an opportunity to create some really cool stuff there and they didn’t.)

I could also talk about the other characters and portrayals, but honestly, I don’t really have any complaints about them.

But finally, let’s talk about the big baddie of this film:

Once again, SPOILERS!!! (NO SHIT)

So glad I sat through that damn Paper Towns film. Got to see Cara. Win-win.

Now, Cara Delevigne as Enchantress is quite interesting, as well as the fact that they chose her to be the villain. When I first saw the trailers, I was under the impression that the Enchantress was also part of the Suicide Squad, ,and would work together to stop a foe, and that was what I hoped. But, she actually turns out to be the evil one, and our beloved Squad gets to stand against her.

Here’s my problem:

It’s dumb.

Ok, the reason for this is that… The Enchantress, is apparently a Davy Jones-like entity in the fact that her heart is separate from her body. This is the incentive Amanda Waller uses to keep her in check. However, what I don’t get is that the Enchantress, after possessing the amazing body of June Moore, runs off to spread chaos. This is ok, but she would’ve clearly known that her heart was not with her, and I think it would’ve been smart and logical for her to find it first, before wrecking havoc and getting caught under Waller’s grasp. And it turns out that her heart is FCKING IN THE SAME DAMN PLACE WHERE SHE WAS FREED FROM HER ENTRAPMENT AND WHERE SHE POSESSED JUNE MOORE.

So how the hell did she not think to take her heart? What, did she not see it? Don’t give me that crap, because we see later in the film that she can seemingly teleport to anywhere and grab anything, even if she doesn’t even exactly know what it is. She even goes to Waller’s place to take the heart back, only to be stopped by some shitty security system.

That’s just a plot hole right there.


And then again, when the Enchantress is about to die through the Davy Jones heart technique thing where Waller repeatedly stabs the heart to kill her, the Enchantress reaches out to her brother, who gives her power to sustain her life. So… This renders the heart weakness obsolete anyway? I mean, Waller. THE AMANDA WALLER. Who takes no shit from anyone, who is “The Wall”, overlooked this? Really?

So in the end… This review has been more of a rant, like all my other reviews, a theme I’d like to use. (I know there are professional reviews out there, but my ‘reviews’ are just opinions of a fan. I titled them as such because I didn’t know what else to call them in the beginning, and now I’m sticking with it.)

Anyway, the thing I can say about Suicide Squad is… That it’s not bad. It’s not bad at all, really. I actually recommend you go and watch it. Just know that while I’d definitely recommend it more than Batman V Superman, Don’t expect a total masterpiece – in fact, don’t expect it to be significantly better than Batman V Superman. It’s better sure, but only by a small margin. It has its moments that are worth watching. To put it simply, if Batman V Superman’s redeeming qualities were the fight between Batman and Superman, or Wonder Woman in action, then this movie’s redeeming qualities is the characters. Seeing a fresh Joker and being happy or disappointed, seeing a live-action Harley Quinn for the first time, or seeing Deadshot shoot stuff (Internally screaming.) is definitely the main reasons as to why you should watch the film.


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