Jack’s Back!

Anecdotal Intro

So while I was letting this blog rot and decided to go off and about doing other stuff with my life, I heard the reveal of the continuation of Samurai Jack, and decided:

What better topic to come back on – than to a comeback?

Oh. And a little bit of context… I’m someone who was in an odd position of wanting to have watched more cartoons/anime as a child, but due to living in a country that did not air much of the great cartoons/anime in convenient times that were suitable for me, I did not have much of an opportunity to experience such great works.

That being said, Samurai Jack was one of those cartoon series for me. The only time I could watch them was on a Sunday, 10 minutes before being dragged off to church by my parents, whom did not think that cartoons were ‘good’ for me and had highly disapproved of such examples of media. It goes without being said, that this had made me crave entertainment even more. Perhaps that’s why I’m such a fan of this stuff. And as explained by this, I could only catch half of the episodes that were aired during this time, and I what little enjoyment I had in watching half of an episode each time were shattered when for an unknown reason Samurai Jack changed it’s airing times so that I could not watch it at all – unless I had money for cable tv, which my parents would never in a million years have had installed.

And so, with easier access to resources as an ‘adult’ I have dedicated no small amount of my time and money into watching these shows. One of these shows was Samurai Jack.


Actual Samurai Jack discussion


So we see Samurai Jack back again, after all these years. Needless to say…


Damn son…

But what can they show us? What can we expect?

Well let’s lay down some facts first…

First off, in the popular announcement video , we see that Jack doesn’t seem to age. In his own words, he has stated that ’50 years has passed. But I cannot age. Time has lost it’s effect on me.’ While this is happening, we see Jack… But he’s old. Not significantly older – he just seems tired-old. We can assume from this that Jack is tired of everything. Every attempt made at trying to go back in time is either foiled by Aku, or by fate itself. It seems that it is his destiny to stay in this cursed future, being chased by bounty hunters, Aku, and other malicious beings that wander the world.

Now when we look back to any previous episodes, there is one particular episode, (Season 3 Episode 6 – Jack and the travelling creatures.) In this particular episode, Jack faces off against a ‘Guardian’ of a time portal. I also believe this is one of the rare episodes where Jack does not succeed in defeating his opponent. This was very interesting to see as not only does the Guardian absolutely dominates Jack, (basically beating him down to a pulp) we also get a very goosebump-inducing level of thrill reveal.

Jack goes back to the past.

‘King’ Jack

Let me clarify:

After a crushing defeat in which Jack is knocked unconscious, the Guardian readies the coup de grace on him, until the portal signals him to stop. He senses something, and calls a Pterodactyl (Because dinosaurs are still a thing apparently) to take him away. As we see Jack being carried away, another attempt to travel to the past foiled, the Guardian talks to himself saying:

“You can’t use it yet Samurai Jack. Not yet.”

And as he turns, we see the portal show perhaps a future version of Jack – dressed up as some kind of western king.

Now this leads me to speculate about what they’re going to bring to the newest season. Will they build up on this? I highly believe so. Samurai Jack, although at first glance may seem like each individual episode does not really ‘connect’ with each other, there is actually a great link that spans across some significant episodes. For example, when Jack learns to jump higher, he sports the phrase: “Jump good.” which he had gotten from his ‘jumping teacher.’ He uses this phrase again to the Scotsman. Also, another example of the episodes regarding continuity in surprisingly high regard is the existence of the Scotsman. Sure, the reason why he’s included may be due to fan popularity over story, but there has been more confirmation that he’s to be included in season 5 as well, so his existence goes beyond just fan approval. I mean – they could’ve just rebooted the entire thing with new characters – except for Jack and make no reference to the previous seasons, but they chose this particular direction to take in terms of episodic continuity.

So what does this all mean exactly?

Well, simply put – I think that Jack will go back to the past in at least… The next 2 seasons. (I say 2 because I don’t think they brought back Samurai Jack just for 1 particular season. I believe there will be at least 1 more.)

This is because first off- Jack’s look in the new season looks more and more close to the image of his future self in the time portal. We see in the trailer that Jack seems distraught – tired and in a pessimistic attitude towards his quest, so it would be interesting to see him gathering his confidence again. Furthermore, I wonder what was keeping Jack from attempting to re-enter the time portal? Was it his loss of confidence? Or was it just forgetfulness?

Also, let’s take another look at the ’50 years’ part.

We now know that Jack does not age… For a reason unknown to us at the moment, but what impact will this have to the story as a whole? Will we meet old characters in new looks? Take the Scotsman for example. If there is a 50 year time advancement, chances are he’s either dead or has become very old. Will he still fight with Jack? Or will choose the path of the ‘old warrior that has retired’?

Aside from old friends, what about old enemies? Will Aku’s reign have extended even more than what already is? I just realized while writing this but Jack was a symbol of hope for the people who have decided to resist Aku. What will happen to them? We don’t exactly know how long Jack has taken into becoming broken but what impact will his absence have had to his supporters?

There are simply so many questions that we’re eager to see answered.

Oh, and this is just my personal opinion… But!

My idea of a perfect Samurai Jack story would be if fate intervenes each time, blocking Jack from entering the past – to which Jack decided to defeat Aku in his present instead. I would like it if it was a tad melancholic, if Jack would not be able to go back in time to reverse all the evil, therefore decides to make the future his new home, and brings peace in his present, by stopping Aku there.

And also… I know there are new villains, in the form of some sort of female assassin team out to kill Jack, but in all honesty, I don’t care for them at all. I know for a fact that Aku will still be in the next season so I’m not that disappointed, as he is one of my most favorite villains, but I do not care for the assassins. I just think they’re the new Team Rocket or Sith Inquisitors of Samurai Jack. They’re just going to endlessly chase him until there is a big enough confrontation in which they are all wiped out or something.

But anyway, that was basically my speculation of what I think will be in the next season. I know I focused more on the time travelling aspect and I sounded like I was firmly convinced that Jack was going to go back soon, but I stand by my point. To be honest, nothing else really interests me as much as Jack’s new look and his rise back into action.

So, what is your theory on what we will see in Season 5?



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