My list of top 10 anime so far.

EDIT: Wow I cannot believe I messed up and forgot to add the other number… Thanks for pointing that out. Anyway here’s the completed list. Enjoy while I go cry in my bed for my failures. The title says it all. But first off, you’ll see from this list that I have specific taste in […]

Warcraft Movie Review

Spoliers from the movie!!! Let’s get this out of the way first… First of all, I’m someone who has never played Word of Warcraft in his life. Ever. I hated the concept of subscription based games, both because when I was a kid, my parents wouldn’t allow me to play those games, as we were… […]

First Blog post

I’ve started this blog because I was reading about what other creative writers do, and I found out that they maintain blogs as well. Hoping to be a successful creative writer, I thought I would imitate that. Now, I have no idea how to promote a blog, let alone a Youtube channel without going the […]